Training Program

What Will I Learn?

You will learn the basics of data science (how to read, write, and clean data), and the basics of machine learning (regressions and classifiers). A preview of our syllabus: Click here to view the syllabus and learn more.
We also offer separate workshops on deep learning and Spark/Hadoop. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with events and workshops.

Who Can Take the Course?

The course is open to any student from any major. You don't need to be a CS major to succeed in the program. The course is taught in Python but we won't be spending much time on low level programming concepts, so we strongly recommend having CS 1110 as a pre/corequisite.

Where and when is the Lecture?

Every Wednesday, 5 - 6 PM, Gates G01. First class is on 9/6. It can get crowded, so be on time!

How Heavy Is the Overall Workload?

This is a project-based course, so you will have three big projects throughout the semester (and a few minor quiz assignments). The course is available as a 1-credit S/U class - it can also be audited.

Why Should I Join?

Big Data is growing, and by taking this program you'll gain hands-on experience in data analysis and prediction. Whether you're in finance, health care, business, agriculture, or software development, having data science skills is extremely helpful. Join the training program, and learn how to build your first ML model from real-world datasets!